Bad Arguments

If you see someone making a bad argument, you can link to any of the specific arguments on this page.

WARNING: These tags may have the opposite effect that you intended. They have the effect of shaming the person "tagged", which can completely derail any chance at having a constructive conversation. These are best used on public figures that show a pattern of bad faith online, or to explain the concepts of good and bad faith to someone, or, most productively, for your own reflection. Please read these, take them to heart, and take notice the next time you find yourself resorting to one of these tactics.

Are Insults All You've Got?

Attention Grabber

Bad Analogy

Bad Faith

Bad Stats

Can You Say That Again, But Nicely?

Can't Have It Both Ways

Check It Before You Wreck It

Correlation Is Not Causation

Don't Gloat

Fake Question

False Equivalence


Grammar Nazi

How Do You Know?

I'm Not Seeing the Connection

Is This Important?

Lonely Anecdote

Misused Tag

Out of Context

Partial Quote

Partial Truth

People Are People

Please Tone It Down

Repetition Is Not Proof


Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

What If the Tables Were Turned?


Who Are We To Judge?

Who Do You Believe?

You Disagree With... Yourself?

You Move First