You Move First

Did you just tell someone to move based on their political opinions? Were you serious, or was that a joke? Just for a moment, consider how difficult it would be to move to another country. First, they would have to choose one to their liking that, for the sake of your argument, is exactly like their current home, except for the one difference of political opinion. Next, they would have to arrange for a permanent visa to live and to work in that country (or find a way to sneak into that country and avoid deportation). They would then need to find proper work (possibly illegally), or find some other way to support themselves. There would be the selling of all their property, the moving boxes, the endless goodbyes... That must be one heck of a political opinion! Oh, one more thing. I think we can assume by the way that you can express your opinion so freely online that you live in some kind of democracy that was designed specifically to support discourse from people of differing opinions. If you are uncomfortable with living peacefully under those conditions... maybe you should move first.